Are you a lone runner?

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24th April 2017
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24th April 2017

Are you a lone runner?

Are you a lone runner? Do you sometimes struggle with motivation? Do you run the same route every time you go out?

Solo running to many is the ultimate headspace time- blissful solitude.

So why join a club? 

Joining a running club could really help your running and add an alternative to running alone. I recently did just that and found that running with like- minded people of similar ability is really motivational and fun.

Good reasons to join a running club. – Quotes courtesy of this year’s Farnham Runners Beginners group.

  • Good fun and social. “Adds a new dimension to the run” “I have met a great bunch of people both beginners and more experienced runners”
  • Opportunity to run with people of similar ability. Clubs are not elitist and generally cater for everyone. Not everyone runs in order to race and clubs are all right with that.
  • It’s really motivational – knowing there is someone to run with on a cold wet winters evening can be the difference between dressing gown and slippers or Lycra and trainers. “I always found it easy to find excuses not to exercise when maybe it had been a tough day etc, but being part of a group meant that there was an incentive to attend the club runs as you were part of something and I wanted to keep up with the progress of the rest of the group”
  • New routes to discover: “It’s a great way to run some brilliant routes without having to think where you are going – just follow the pack!”
  • New sessions to try – speed work, hill sessions, and cross- country, park runs.
  • There’s a lot to be gained from the experiences of other runners.
  • Running with others presents opportunities for personal challenges.

Our local club is friendly, social and welcoming. It runs an annual 12-week beginners programme and could certainly add to your running options.