How do YOU choose a physiotherapist?

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24th April 2017
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24th April 2017

How do YOU choose a physiotherapist?

Is there infact, any element of choice in who you end up consulting or do you just go with  whoever the the person on the end of the phone allocates you to?

Physiotherapists in private prectice are in a fantastic position to really get to know their patients as we often see patients, once, twice and sometimes more frequently per week for on average 30-40 minutes at a time, often over a few weeks.

A good connection with your therapist will mean you feel at ease and comfortable and recent research from the University of Alberta has shown how  this supportive and encouraging relationship ,which they call a good therapeutic alliance,can affect the physical outcome of treatment.

Chartered Physiotherapists are becoming increasingly specialised with members belonging to special interest groups such as sports and exercise medicine, acupuncture, paediatrics and women’s health.

So next time you pull a calf muscle,sprain an ankle or get an annoying  back pain that won’t go away, it might be worth asking a few questions before booking an appointment.

Is there anyone who has a specialist interest, specific post grad training or lots of experience in dealing with your particular problem? Does the physio have the ability to be flexible with the length of appointment time? This can be really useful for more complex problems.

A trusted recommendation is great but don’t be afraid to ask questions,after all,you wouldn’t get a plumber to fix your car or an orthopaedic surgeon to operate on your heart- Would you?

I am happy to chat to you prior to you making an appointment.