The power of the thoracic spine
24th April 2017
Plantar Fasciitis /chronic plantar heel pain
24th April 2017


This is the ability to sense the position, location, orientation and movement of our body and its parts.

This can be a difficult concept as so much of propriception happens without conscious thought. For instance, your body will know and make small adjustments depending on whether you are running on road, trail or a sandy beach.

This body awareness uses the stretch and pressure receptors located in our skin, muscles and joints to relay messages to the brain. It is assisted by receptors in our eyes and also balance receptors located within our ears.

If you can run over uneven surfaces reducing the dependence on your eyes and increasing the responsiveness of your sensory- motor systems you will help reduce muscle strain and injury.

People who have had a history of ankle strains,calf stains and knee injuries often have reduced  proproception sense.

What can you do to help yourself?

Walk around the house and garden barefoot.
Feel the different surfaces and textures. Carpet, tiles wood, grass.Become aware of where your weight is on the soles of your feet.

2. STAND ON ONE LEG with your arms relaxed.
Turn your head from side to side whilst counting.
If your toes scrunch up this is a sign you are relying on your sight for balance.
Try this standing on a cushion. Challenge yourself further by trying it with your eyes closed.

3. YOGA – Both these one-
legged poses are excellent for strength, balance and coordination.

Tree Pose- Vrksasana

Eagle Pose-Garudasana