24th April 2017
30th May 2017


Nina has been treating my 11 year old daughter for the past two years for a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and scoliosis.  When my daughter sees Nina for her chronic pain and very tight muscles she always feels better after and this therefore, makes the condition more manageable and my daughter more comfortable. She plays a key role in managing the condition and keeping my daughter mobile. Nina had also treated my 7 year old son for chronic foot pain due to hyper mobility and to improve his core strength. Doing the exercises she gave him daily has improved his pain levels and we continue to work on strengthening everything. She is great at giving a wide range of appropriate exercises for strengthening and always puts a fun twist on them to. She is extremely kind, accommodating and approachable and has built up a wonderful relationship with my daughter. Nina makes the client feel relaxed and safe. She gives great advice for how to manage different challenges and is very pro active in communicating with my child’s other doctors. Nina really is a fantastic physiotherapist and I cannot recommend highly enough.